Loan Payoff

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How to Pay Off Your Loans

Pay Off Your Loan Online

  1. Click "Loan Payoff" under Payments & Billing,
  2. Select the loans you want to pay off and the date you want to pay them off then click "Request a Payoff Amount"
  3. Enter your payoff information
  4. Click "Make a Payoff Payment"
  5. (Optional) Have a five-minute dance party because your loans are paid off!

Pay Off Your Loan Via Check-by-Phone

You can also make a payoff free-of-charge over the phone by calling CornerStone toll free (1-800-663-1662) M - Th 6 AM - 7 PM or F 6 AM - 5 PM Mountain Time.

Pay Off Your Loan via Check or Money Order

If you are going to make your payoff using a check or money order, please contact CornerStone at 1-800-663-1662 to discuss your payoff amount. Interest accrues daily on your student loan account, so you will need to make arrangements to pay all of your interest and principal balance.

Send the payment to the following address:

U.S. Department of Education
CornerStone Education Loan Services
P.O. Box 105189
Atlanta, GA 30348-5189.